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Master Water Conditioning Corp

The Most Efficient Water Softener on the Market!

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BMI Meter Flanges

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News from Flomatic


The Flo-E-Centric® Plug Valve Compliant with AWWA C517-16

Flomatic is pleased to announce the new Model 5400 Flo-E-Centric® Plug Valve. The Flo-E-Centric® models are energy-efficient round-port ecentric plug valves designed in compliance with AWWA C517-16. 

a31561f9-4ba5-4ec9-aaee-0b3209a667b8.jpgThe body, bonnet, and plug (NBR encapsulated) are constructed of ASTM A536 grade 65-45-12 ductile iron. The body and bonnet are fusion bonded epoxy coated (NSF 61 powder) inside and outside standard.

The valve is pressure rated to 200 PSI with ANSI class 150# Flanges. The valve stem is equipped with V-type packing that is self-adjusting and replaceable while the valve is under pressure. In addition, all fasteners and washers are constructed from stainless steel material.

Flomatic® plug valves incorporate a nickel welded seat for long service life and are designed primarily for applications where slurries, solids, or grit are present. They are designed for both on-off function and process control in industrial and municipal applications.  

Flomatic Model 5400 is available in six different configurations in a size range from 2” through 24”. The options are: with a Bare Stem (Model 54-B), 2” Operating Nut (Model 54-4), an MJ plug (Buried Service with Gear Operation, Model 54-3), an Electric Actuator (Model 54-A), with a Gear Box (Direct Mounted Model 54-0), and with standard ISO top-mounting flange (Model 54-6). The 2” size is threaded, and the Mechanical Joint (MJ) version Model 54-3 in a size range 6” thru 24” is rated 150 PSI conforming to ANSI/AWWA C111-A21.11




5 Tips for Becoming More Self-Aware

Having self-awareness is one of the most powerful self improving tools out there. When you are aware of your thoughts, your actions, your feelings and your body, you’re more likely to make better decisions and become a more effective leader. You’ll also notice an improvement in how you react to your surroundings. Here are some ways that you can become more self aware, so you can lead better, interact better, and make the necessary changes to live a better life.

1)   Take a Personality Test

Tests such as Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram are great ways to identify what makes you unique. The Myers-Briggs test highlights your personality traits, while the Enneagram identifies your core motivations in decision-making <…READ MORE…>


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1f807a2c-ac5c-45bb-a333-2928b7c14b50.jpgYour product/service has constantly been bad for about a month. Your customer is frustrated and is threatening to pull out. You should:

A. Talk to them to find out where the problems exist and assure them you will solve the problems.
B. Tell your boss to do something quickly or you will lose the business.
C. Tell them you have nothing to do with the problem but you will try to fix it.
D. Fix the internal problem, then communicate with the customer what has been resolved

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