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Zitta Group

Zitta Group, manufacturers of the most upscale tub in the world.  The Zitta Group consists of the follow product manufacturers, Zitta, Acryline and Slik Portfolio.  If your looking for high quality and elegance look no further.

Visit Zitta Group Website

Our bathtub collections range from simply elegant and practical to superbly refined, allowing you to easily transform your space into a haven of tranquility.  Our collection of beautifully designed glass shower doors not only stand out for their aesthetics and practicality in use but are easy to install, making the process pleasant from start to finish.  Each structural, functional and design element has been thought out so that you can create the bathroom of your dreams and spend time relaxing and enjoying life.

Visit the Zitta Website


Wellness of the Body, Mind and Soul
Immerse yourself in an Acryline Spa Bath or Shower! Feel your tension melt away as your body rejuvenates and re-energizes.
Slip in to warm waters and relax as massaging bubbles caress your body from your neck to your toes. Your entire body benefits from our warm air massage spa baths that provide relaxation and relief from the stress that is part of everyday life.
We have over 60 different shapes and sizes to meet the aesthetic needs of our bathers and over a half dozen showers and shower doors to meet the needs of the ones that may not have the room or time for a spa bath.

Visit the Acryline Website


SLIK Portfolio is a collection of some of the finest bathroom products in the world. Being a premier bathware manufacturer and custom design-house, we strive to provide you with the best quality and service through all facets of our business. Our product development and manufacturing process has a primary focus on craftsmanship and innovation.

Visit the SLIK Portfolio Website

Flint & Walling

Submersible Pumps

VFD Systems

Jet Pumps

Booster Pumps

The F&W Story

In 1866, Flint & Walling began operations on the corner of Mitchell and Oak streets in Kendallville, Indiana. When first established, F&W built hand-operated water pumps and the Flint & Walling windmill, a revolutionary product that quickly spanned the globe.
Today, the Flint & Walling product line includes submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, jet pumps and booster pumps for home, farm and industry. Specialty items include city pressure booster pumps and fountain pond pumps. In addition, Flint & Walling is the only United States pump company to manufacture its own 4 inch submersible motors, jet pump motors and centrifugal pump motors. A complete selection of controls and control packages rounds out this line of products for the water industry.
The company employs, on average, a work force of approximately 150, several of whom are third and fourth generation employees.
In 2016, F&W celebrated 150 years in the water systems industry at the company’s original location. Flint & Walling – Family owned and American proud.

BMI March – April Promo

Visit Our Website grouponene.com to download the priced promo sheet.


Your Guide to Setting Goals and Actually Achieving Them 

We have all heard the typical rules about setting goals and how they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. And although these are true, they don’t quite tell you how to ensure these goals will be achieved. Sure, the goal is specific, but that won’t necessarily prevent you from abandoning it when the going gets tough. Here are some tips you can use to actually accomplish<…READ MORE…>

Basco Quick Ship Program

Quick Ship Program 
Order Today – Shipped Tomorrow

We understand the need for speed! Introducing our revitalized Quick Ship Program with FREE SHIPPING


Get Sell Sheet Now



Select a Model

Offering some of our most popular models in:

  • Inline tubs & shower doors
  • Common opening sizes
  • Select popular glass options
  • 3 Finish options



Order before 3 PM EST

Use the Quick Ship model number on a single PO for correct lead time and free freight. Submit your PO to Basco before 3 PM EST and we will ship your door LTL the next day. 




Visit our Website bascoshowerdoor.com/quickship




  • Full list of doors 
  • Fiberglass cross reference
  • Sell sheet
  • Order Form


Go Now


Happy to help.

If you have any other questions call your Basco sales rep or customer service at 1-800-452-2726.

Click Here to download the complete Quick Ship Program Literature

Basco Beat

It’s our pleasure to take care of our customers, so as we prepare for the busy season, it’s important to remember the ways we make it easy for customers to enjoy their shower enclosures long after the installation is completed.

NEW AquaGlideXP Sales Support

Understand how the AquaGlideXP coating protects shower doors glass. Sales sheets includes new images!

 Basco’s AquaGlideXP is an ultraprotective coating that: 

  • Seals and protects the glass, repelling moisture, soap film and mineral deposits.
  • Causes water to bead up on the glass.
  • Prevents corrosion and preserves the beauty of the enclosure.
  • Is similar to having a semi-permanent wax on your car or rain repellant on your wind shield.

Is available with all glass options.

Download Now




ShowerGuard vs AquaGlideXP
Two low maintenance cleaning options to keep showers sparkling clean:


  • Baked protection into the glass
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in 1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2” thick Clear glass as well as
    3/8” & 1/2” thick Pure Clear (clear low iron) options.


  • Factory applied coating
  • 10 year warranty

Can be applied to any glass thickness or style

Read More


In case you missed it: Mystro Update

When placing an order in Mystro, you will now see a prompt at the end of your order for an AquaGlide XP kit or Maintain Cleaner. Please remember that the list price of either the kit or the spray is added to the list price of the door. When calculating your net cost, please remember that both the AquaGlideXP kit and the Maintain spray have a 0.50 multiplier and is not the same multiplier for the enclosure.



Mystro Training Videos Now Available Online

We are happy to announce that we’ve added a step-by-step live Mystro tutorial to help guide you through the Mystro process. You can find them on our website here or by the direct links below.

1 – Login and Basic Functions
2 – Customers – How to Enter New and Search Existing
3 – The Basics of Quoting and the Configurator
4 – Finalizing a Quote and Sending to Basco

As always, if you have any questions about Mystro please email mystro@bascoshowerdoor.com


Cross Reference Reminder

We have a great interactive guide/cross reference tool on our website to help determine the shower door that fits your fiberglass or acrylic enclosure. To use the tool:

  1.  Go to https://bascoshowerdoor.com/trade-pros/search-by-tub-shower-brand select the fiberglass manufacturer from the drop down menu and select the next button.
  2. Then select the correct model number and select the next button
  3. A table appears including links to the appropriate models





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1f807a2c-ac5c-45bb-a333-2928b7c14b50.jpgAlthough your prospective customer likes your overall product/service and price, it falls short in some additional benefits. How would you sell them anyway?

A. Ask them why they need those benefits. Most of your customers choose not to have them.
B. Allow them to explain each missing benefit and why they are important so you can find a way to deliver the product/service.
C. Tell them that your price is low because those benefits are not there. D. Tell them they do not need those benefits.
D. Tell them they do not need those benefits.


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