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4 Signs You Are Successfully Nurturing Others

True leaders are some of the most nurturing people in the world. Gracious with their time and energy, they help others reach their full potential and don’t expect anything in return. For someone who may manage or mentor people, it’s important to understand how to nurture others in a positive way and create an environment where they know they are cared for and appreciated.They Feel Valued

As a leader, you must ensure others know that you are committed to helping them achieve their goals. Their self-worth will skyrocket when they feel respected and loved. This is imperative because people’s self esteem affects not only the workplace, but relationships, their education, motivation, their personal life, etc. When you don’t create a nurturing environment, you’re setting others up for failure in and out of the workplace.

They Feel Safe & Secure

The people you mentor should always feel a sense of belonging. As leaders, we must always be thinking of others and how they can be included. The minute you leave someone out is the minute they begin to question your trustworthiness and commitment to them. Not only should they feel included, but also know that you are accessible to them in a time of need. 

Their Efforts Are Appreciated

If someone doesn’t know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated, they won’t feel motivated to continue. This will never lead to maximum growth. As leaders, we must make sure others know they are important. This feeling of significance will drastically change their outlook, creating positive change in how they see themselves and their work.

They Feel Encouraged

One of the most important aspects of nurturing others is to simply encourage them. When someone feels encouraged, they have hope, and when someone has hope, they have the mindset to achieve their greatest goals and reach their full potential. Without encouragement, it’s only human to feel unmotivated or even regress. 



As leaders, we must support and nurture one another. Not everyone is a mastermind or has the resources they need to become successful. That’s where leadership comes into play. It’s our job to constantly be thinking about other people, sprinkling positivity into their life, and making sure they are lifted to a higher level of success.

This article was written by Ron Nursey who is a member of the John Maxwell leadership team. If you are interested in growing yourself and your business please reach out to me in an email at RonCNursey@gmail.com.

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