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5 Ways to Believe in People 

Did you know that most people don’t have faith in themselves? Many rely on others to believe in them because they lack the self esteem to think they can achieve their full potential. As leaders, it is our responsibility to believe in others and make known that we have faith in them. When others are aware that someone in this big, wide world has faith in them, the successes to come are endless.

1. Believe in Them Before They Give You a Reason to Believe in Them 
If others know you expect them to fail, they are going to give as little as possible because in their mind, what’s the point? When they know they are being encouraged before they even succeed, they will be willing to sacrifice to get there so they don’t disappoint you. This comes out of mutual respect.

2. Emphasize Their Strengths
Always praise others for what they do well, both privately and in public. These nods to their strengths will energize them to keep doing well. When someone is not praised for doing good work, they get tired of putting so much effort into something that’s not even recognized. Eventually, their weaknesses may take over.

3. List Their Past Successes
Everyone wants to feel important. By listing and acknowledging their accomplishments, others will feel appreciated and know that their future successes will be just as important to you. They will go out of their way to find ways to win.

4. Instill Confidence When They Fail
Emphasize that success is a process and failure is inevitable. You cannot succeed unless you have failed a couple of times. When you have a game plan in tact, encourage them to keep going if they’ve made a mistake. This will give them the strength they need to make it to the finish line. 

5. Experience Wins Together
Part of having faith in people is allowing others to feel like they are included and a part of a team. When people feel they are a part of something, they want to participate and help others achieve goals. The minute they sense defeat, they will only worry about themselves and their own wins.

The most important part of believing in others is to simply give them hope. Faith in something is not because we can see it or that it’s true, but we take a chance on believing because the good almost always outweighs the bad. True leaders never make someone feel small or that their work is insignificant. Your employees and colleagues are worth believing in because why set someone up for failure when you can have endless successes? 

This article was written by Ron Nursey who is a member of the John Maxwell leadership team. If you are interested in growing yourself and your business please reach out to me in an email at RonCNursey@gmail.com.