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Roth Industries – RMT Tank

The Roth MultiTank is the first tank of its kind. It can be used for water cistern, pump, holding, rainwater or septic tank. This is possible due to its special construction of an inner layer of FDA approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of PE for improved stability, plus one outer layer of black and UV-stabilized PE.

Not only is it special in terms of its construction, it also has the best warranty the industry has to offer: lifetime corrosion protection and 5 years of labor insurance coverage (see warranty for more details).


Oasis – Tubs & Showers

Right Product. Right Value. Right Choice.

Regardless of the product, the support structure hidden behind the surface is critical to the durability and longevity of the product. These attributes hold true for all of the components creating a home, including the bathroom. At Oasis, we believe in the ideal of providing a durable and dependable product with a value beyond the price paid.

To accomplish this we begin with the same raw materials (resin, fiberglass and a mineral additive to promote fire retardancy) used by other bath manufactures. The differences between Oasis and others lie in the raw material proportions of the composite. Simply put, our product has a higher resin and fiberglass content than competitors for increased composite strength. Plus, we hand roll each resin and fiberglass application to eliminate air voids to enhance the durability of the composite structure.

In addition to the composite, we also utilize a more expensive floor construction technique for greater strength and enhanced floor rigidity. The floor structure of an Oasis module utilizes a core of 1/2-inch thick end cut Balsawood, encased in a resin and fiberglass composite. The Balsawood is attached to flexible webbing that allows the material to match the floors contouring which results in a solid mating with the structure. The combination of materials and hand rolling creates a superior floor structure, and eliminates the need for site applied under floor support.

Why do we go to all this effort? Because we care about the products we provide, the reputation of the professionals who use our products, and the legacy of all those associated with our efforts.


Always build on BEDROCK!

Everyone understands the stability of bedrock. At Oasis this principle is exhibited in our “Bedrock Solid” floor system. Those annoying creaks and flex points experienced with other composite floors are eliminated with our composite encased BALSAWOOD core.


“V” Is For Versatile

The Oasis VURSA family is the only bathware collection that provides true versatility. Our ample storage and creature comforts, coupled with extensive adaptability within a single design, go well beyond any competitor. Check out VURSA and VURSAkd for yourself.


Let’s Get Technical

Oasis wants you to get exactly what you need. That’s why we offer an extensive library of individual products and package submittals in various electronic formats. Simply select the model and package configuration you need, and chose from PDF, CAD or BIMM/Revit files.


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You are meeting with your prospective customer for the first time at lunch. The best time to ask for a commitment for business would be:

A. Only after you feel the prospective customer likes you.
B. When you feel that you have built a rapport and can solve a problem.
C. Before lunch is over.
D. Only when you are paying for the lunch.

Pestan Pipe – Training Facility

If you are looking to learn about Pestan Polypropylene pipe and how to use it? Do you want to learn how to do polypropylene and polyethylene pipe fusion? If so Charter Plastics has an excellent training facility.  Contact us and we can setup a trip so your employees can get trained in this great product.

Water Treatment for Dummies eBook

To view the eBook Click Here

Basco Beat

Basco Beat

Price Lists Available for Digital Download Only – Starting April 22

Effective today, the below price lists will be available for digital download ONLY. As we make updates and changes to our price lists in the future, we will offer these updates in print and online. We will announce when those updates occur.
Price Lists can always be found in the Trade Pro section of the Basco website. Here are the links to the price books affected:

Thank you for your cooperation as we minimize waste and cost. 


REMINDER: New Step by Step Order Forms Available for Easy Measurement Submissions

As a way to collect and submit order details, we have revised order forms that feature drawings and check boxes for your use. While we have offered variations in the past, these latest versions are updated with direct input from customers like you—making this as easy as possible for you to submit order information.
Based on the shape and configurations, there are 10 variations available within this PDF file. You can download the Measuring Worksheet here. 


WATCH NOW: See the New Brushed Gold Feature Video! Download for Your Showroom or Social Media Use

Share this video with staff and customers about the new finish. This video is available for downloading the hi-res 1080i version as well….a great video for use in your showrooms.
Click here to watch the new Brushed Gold Video 


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