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Defining Moments Define You

Defining moments are critical in defining our leadership abilities and informing others about who we are. They also determine our future and who we will become. These moments come in many different ways and sizes. Some may be little moments that pass us by and it’s not until later we realize the significance, or it can be a rather large and successful moment that bears no question of its existence. Here is a helpful guide to discovering defining moments from your own life and what to do with them once you’ve found them.

Groundbreaking Moments 

These are times in our life when we came to an intersection and had an opportunity to turn a certain direction or seek a new destination. When was the last time you experienced a catalyst for change? Was the change for the better and did it end with a positive result? Did you get to where you were wanting to go? By asking these questions, you are reflecting on how you handled the change and you’ll also gain valuable insight to how you’re likely to handle future intersections. 

Heartbreaking Moments

Not all of these moments are necessarily bad. Some heartbreak is for the better. When did you experience a positive or negative heartbreak? Maybe it was a personal relationship gone sour or maybe you lost a very important work client to competition. By reflecting on your past defining heartbreaks, you can choose how to handle these moments in the future. A great outlook to have is seeing future heartbreaks as an opportunity to reevaluate your priorities. 

Cloud Breaking Moments

While strategizing with others, these moments are times you were able to take an idea, seize it, and have total success! These moments allow you to reach the clouds! What did you learn from this experience and what do you think went right? By writing out your successes and the choices you made to get there, you’ll be able to give yourself a clear roadmap to more and more cloud breaking moments.

Chart Breaking Moments 

These are the moments that went clear off the charts, you couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen. They are a great opportunity to go to a whole new level with your growth. When did you experience a moment like this? How did you get there? Did you take a risk? By reflecting on the past moments and your responses, you’ll have a good idea of how you’ll manage these moments in the future. 


When you can clearly categorize moments of your life and the decisions that you made, you will have a pretty accurate definition of your own self and leadership skills. If you realize that you would make a different choice in the future, write that choice down and read it everyday. It’s so important to be prepared for defining moments because you never know when they will happen, they just do, and in the end, it will define you. 

This article was written by Ron Nursey who is a member of the John Maxwell leadership team. If you are interested in growing yourself and your business please reach out to me in an email at RonCNursey@gmail.com.

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