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Your product/service has constantly been bad for about a month. Your customer is frustrated and is threatening to pull out. You should:


Talk to them to find out where the problems exist and assure them you will solve the problems.


Tell your boss to do something quickly or you will lose the business.


Tell them you have nothing to do with the problem but you will try to fix it.


Fix the internal problem, then communicate with the customer what has been resolved

That is incorrect! The correct answer is D:

The Wisdom Behind The Answer

The customer only wants to know that the problem has been resolved, not why it occurred. Fixing the problem may ensure future business. Customers do not have time for tales of woe. Telling your boss may make you feel better, but it will not solve the problem or make your customer feel better. The object is for you to take some kind of action. The worst thing you can do is call the customer and blame someone else. Problems are all about responsibility and resolution. They have nothing to do with excuses and blaming.

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